A Bit About Us

We're Dominique and Teresa Mercier! We moved out to our little farm in 2020 along with our pups, from Saskatoon, to start up our market garden.

We love growing, and getting to eat, the fresh food that we produce, and after several years of planting larger and larger test plots, we're excited to officially launch the Playful Pup Market Garden for the 2022 season!

All of our fruits and veggies are grown at our farm, just outside of Prud'Homme, Saskatchewan, so by choosing us as your farmers, you know where your food is coming from, and you know that you're supporting a local business. We look forward to meeting you at our pop-up stall in Saskatoon at the Early's Farm and Garden parking lot (2615 Lorne Ave) on Saturdays between 9am and 4pm!

We love being able to be out in nature, and we care an awful lot about our planet.

We believe that how we produce food is a major part of how we can protect it, and look forward to the role that we'll be able to play in working to conserve it. As such, we strive to follow sustainable farming practices. We aim to improve upon our soil by avoiding uneccesary tillage, protecting it from exposure with cover crops, and avoiding the use of herbicides and pesticides as much as possible.

Meet Rosie, our cow-girl, and the original Playful Pup!
This is Settra, at least 1/2 kangaroo, and usually full of beans.
And our newest addition, Cypher, whom I'm 90% sure is some type of miniature bear.