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We Love Fresh Food. We Hope You Do Too!

Nothing quite compares to food that's been grown fresh in your own backyard, but not everyone has the time or space available to make that happen. This is where we come in. Let us be your farmers, and you'll know that you're getting food that's been grown using sustainable practices, right in Saskatchewan.

2024 CSA Membership

2024 CSA Membership  $500.00

We are a locally owned and operated market garden, and aside from our weekly market, we offer a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. How the CSA membership works is at the beginning of the year, you buy a season-long membership. Purchasing a membership guarantees you a weekly bundle of whatever veggies are ready to harvest during the growing season. Our CSA bundles run roughly from the last week of June into September, depending on the growing season. We will be located in Saskatoon at the Early's Farm and Garden parking lot (2615 Lorne Ave) on our market day every Saturday from 9am to 4pm for CSA members to pick up their weekly produce bundle. The 2024 CSA membership costs $500.00.

We also offer delivery for CSA members in the towns of Vonda and Prud'homme for the 2024 season. Deliveries will be made on Friday evenings.

CSA members will receive a weekly newsletter during the growing season about what to expect in the weekly share.

Spring image
In the spring, we start planting early. Tomatoes and peppers into the greenhouse, and all of our hardier nursery plants into the beds! We expect to have greens and herbs available between June to July.
Summer image
In the summer, from July to the end of August, things start really taking off! We expect to see some root vegetables, beans, peas, zucchini, greens, along with tomatoes, and peppers from our greenhouse and much more ready :-)
Plus, the saskatoon berries, raspberries, chokecherries, and rhubarb should be ready around this time!
Fall image
Fall is the traditional harvest time! It's when our longer-growing crops like corn, squash, and melons are ready to be picked!